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Why Choose Hester's


"I have two children at Hester's Lakecrest School in High Point, ages three and one and one more on the way! I work from home and so many people ask me why I send my children to child care instead of keeping them home with me while I work. Other than the fact that I would never get any work done, I send them to child care for the socialization aspect, the well-rounded meals (my kids eat their veggies at Hester's!!!), and for the personal attention that they receive. If they were home with me while I worked, it would be too tempting to put them in front of the TV and let them watch movies and cartoons for several hours each day.

At Hester's, I know they are playing outside, doing art projects, having story time, socializing with other children, and most importantly learning. I truly believe that they accomplish things more quickly at school because if one child does something, they all want to be able to do it, whether it is making a "happy plate" (eating veggies!!) or being potty-trained. I am thankful for the caring teachers at Hester's who truly seem to take an interest in my children's development and well-being."

— Christy Toland, mother of two children and one on the way!

Hester’s Creative Schools provides children and their families with:

  • Educational programs that are stimulating and age appropriate
  • Warmth and caring from our teachers and staff
  • Regular access to teachers and observation of classroom activities
  • Attractive, bright, well-equipped and clean classrooms
  • Outdoor play on large and fully-equipped playgrounds
  • Safety and security at all times
  • Afterschool pick up at elementary schools in our area
  • Acceptance of children transported by public school buses
  • An individually assigned cot or crib with clean sheets and blankets
  • Baby wipes for infants
  • Well-managed distribution of medication when required
  • Breakfasts that include fruit, grain and milk for young children
  • Nutritious and tasty lunches that meet the USDA guidelines
  • Iron-enriched cereal, pureed fruits, vegetables and meats without salt, sugar or fillers for infants

Hester's parents provide:

  • Full information about your child to help the teachers know your child’s home environment
  • An interest in the art work and projects of your child
  • A commitment to attend your child’s classroom programs
  • A complete weather-appropriate change of clothes for your child
  • Any special foods your child may require
  • Medicine your child may need, including but not limited to, prescriptions, diaper cream, sunscreen, or emergency allergy medicine

Parents of infants provide:

  • A short note telling our teachers how your child has been during the hours prior to coming to school
  • The needed number of plastic bottles with prepared formula labeled with your child’s name and the date the bottles are brought to school
  • Enough diapers for the day
  • Any special comfort items the child requires during the day, after these items are approved by the school director and infant staff