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Why Choose Hester's

Hester’s Focus on Nutrition

Hester’s Creative Schools provides breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack each day for children in our schools. The breakfast and afternoon snack are prepared in our school kitchens. At our Benjamin, Vandalia, and Lakecrest schools we prepare the lunches in our kitchens.

We provide each family with a copy of our USDA meal plans. With the monthly menus parents can see what their child will have for breakfast, lunch and snack on any given day. We plan our meals to provide a variety of foods and to introduce children to foods of different textures and tastes. While children are encouraged to taste each food, they are never forced to eat.

As part of teaching children about food and where food comes from, each classroom features a nutritional activity at least twice a month.

Special Attention for Children with Allergies

We take seriously the fact that some children have allergies to certain foods and to other elements in the environment. We keep a list of all children and their allergies in each classroom and in our kitchens. Each new or substitute staff member is trained to look at the list and be aware of children’s specific allergies. Our cooks keep a book with the nutritional label from every product served in our schools.

Children who have allergies are offered a substitute of a similar food item. Our staff tracks with the child’s name and the date all foods that families bring to school to be used due to allergies.