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Why Choose Hester's

How We Communicate: Parent Participation, Visitation, and Conferences

Hester’s Creative Schools believes that the best child care and education comes from a true partnership between our schools and the parents of the children we serve. We encourage parents to visit the classrooms, engage in regular conversations with their child’s teachers, to take part in the programs of the school, and to ask questions and make suggestions.

Throughout the year Hester’s offers workshops designed for parents to help answer the questions that arise about how to be the best parent you can be. We offer information and provide an opportunity for parents to share their concerns and hopes. We often send home flyers to update our parents on particular issues, and we encourage parents to visit our web site regularly. The web site offers other news on school activities, updates on current issues about children, and directs parents to other sources of information on parenting.

Parents may participate in their child’s classroom in many ways:

  • Share some part of your history and culture through stories of your family and your cultural dress and food.
  • Visit and have lunch with your child.
  • Help your child’s classmates celebrate a holiday by teaching them a new tradition.
  • Come to the classroom and read stories to the class.
  • Join your child on school field trips.

Pre-Enrollment Visitation

Parents and guardians begin their association with Hester's when they schedule an appointment to tour the school. Our School Directors walk prospective families through the schools and the playgrounds, showing them the educational materials and play equipment available for their child. We provide parents with a full packet of information that includes our educational philosophy and our school policies and procedures.

As parents go through the process of choosing the right school for their child, they are encouraged to visit and observe our classrooms and ask questions of our School Directors and our teachers. Once a parent chooses Hester’s our doors are always open and parents are encouraged to visit.

Parents and Teachers

We encourage parents and our teachers to interact each day as the parents bring the child to school and pick them up at the end of the day. The classrooms host open houses and parents can see examples of the work and hear from the teacher an overview of the activities. We want parents to look at the art and our teaching materials displayed in the school hallways and around the classrooms.

An individual parent-teacher conference may be scheduled at any time the parents or the teacher feel that a longer conversation is needed to address a concern with a child. Parent-Teacher conferences will also be scheduled three times a year to discuss developmental milstones and upcoming goals. Usually the School Director will participate in these conferences to assure that all the needs are identified and resolved.