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Hester’s Program for Two-Year Olds

In our two-year-old classrooms at Hester’s our teachers make their daily plans guided by The Creative Curriculum. This program addresses the physical and cognitive changes that occur at this age and the daily lesson plans address gross motor as well as fine motor development. The curriculum themes are fun for children and include a variety of experiences each day.

Music and art are always a part of the day for two year olds and are used to stimulate the imagination and thought process.

Outside play-time includes group games, showing the children aspects of nature and their outdoor world and, of course, free-play. Given the propensity for children to spend more hours inside, we teach the child to enjoy and to use the outside as a learning opportunity in a different environment.

Two-year-old children are becoming more independent as they "give up" many toddler ways and habits, yet they need the ready assurance that adults are available to them. We help the children as they enter into this everchanging stage of "Terrific Twos."