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Hester’s Program for School-Age Children

Hester’s offers a full and engaging program for school-age children throughout mornings, afternoons, school holidays, and our full scale Summer Program. Hester’s school buses pick up children from several schools, and some children arrive on the public school buses for our afternoon program.

Schoolagers are greeted in the afternoon with a nutritious snack followed by a balanced mix of active and quiet time. We believe school-age children need time to jump, run and play to burn off the energy they have held in all day. Our playgrounds provide the space for group games, swinging, and climbing. Our indoor activity areas offer a variety of centers for children to choose art, science, dramatic play, building blocks and more. We offer a supervised quiet time that enables the Schoolager to complete homework assignments. When school-age children are out of school for holidays we plan a variety of special field trips — skating, bowling, movies, museums, and other adventures.