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Hester’s Program for Infants

Hester’s Creative Schools Infant program is a combination of safe and loving care and the right amount of stimulation and teaching. Hester’s offers an environment for your infant that includes a focused program on their physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Our Infant teachers are trained to use The High Reach Bright Baby Curriculum For Infants. The teachers have a daily plan individualized for each child in their classroom. We choose to use this curriculum to insure that your infant’s day will include activities:

  • in language, fine motor, large motor, and sensory development
  • geared for your child’s age and development
  • that let each of the children learn at their own pace
  • that give each family the chance to see their child’s individual milestones
  • to encourage independence and learning new skills
  • Yoga and Sign Language

Hester’s Creative Schools emphasizes music and language in our Infant classes. The children play with musical toys and we use sound machines and compact discs for a variety of appropriate music and soothing sound during the day. Our teachers talk to the infants about their daily activities and mimic sounds made by the child to encourage language stimulation.