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For Parents

Book List For Fall Reading


Longer cooler evenings give a wonderful opportunity for family reading. Your younger child will enjoy having his/her favorite books read to them as they cuddle on you lap. Older children will enjoy reading one or two chapters from their favorite book as they relax before bedtime.

Infants and toddlers will enjoy the following titles:

  • The Cuddle Book, Guido van Genechten
  • You and Me, Baby, Lynn Reiser, Penny Gentieu
  • Mommies Say Shhh, Patricia Polacco
  • All Fall Down, Helen Oxenbury
  • This Little Chick, John Lawrence
  • Goodnight, My Duckling, Nancy Tafuri
  • I Smell Honey, Andrea and Brian Pinkney
  • Charlie Parker Played Be Bop, Chris Raschka

Two-year-old and three-year old children will enjoy:

  • Time to Get Up, Time To Go, David Milgrim
  • Hands Can, Cheryl Willis Hudson, John-Francis Bourke
  • Pancakes, Pancakes!, Eric Carle
  • You Are What You Eat, Sharon Gordon
  • Four Hens and a Rooster, Lena and Olaf Landstrom
  • Some Friends To Feed, Pete Seeger and Paul DuBois Jacobs
  • Families, Ann Morris
  • All Families Are Special, Norma Simon, Teresa Flavin

Four-year-olds will enjoy:

  • Be My Neighbor, Maya Ajmera & John D. Ivanko
  • Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, Simms Taback
  • Mystery Bottle, Kristen Balouch
  • Just A Minute!, Yuyi Morales
  • Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel, Virginia Lee Burton
  • Mister Seahorse, Eric Carle
  • He Came With The Couch, David Slonim
  • I Like Where I Am, Jessica Harper & Brian Karas

Five-year-olds and up will enjoy:

  • The Adventures Of The Bailey School Kids series, Debbie Dadey & Maria T. Jones
  • Junie B. Jones series, Barbara Park
  • Madeline series, Ludwig Bemelmans
  • Nate the Great series, Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
  • Tiny Goes To The Library, Cari Meister
  • The Playground Problem, Margaret McNamara
  • Where The Sidewalk Ends, Shel Silverstein
  • Sacajawea, Joyce Milton