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For Parents

Tips for Fall Family Time

Our schedules have begun to change as the weather and daylight has changed. It is now darker and colder when we leave home and when we return. As adults it affects us, but we sometimes forget it also affects children. Their environment has changed as well--they no longer get home in time to go outside to play with friends, ride their bikes or play on the playground. This change allows more time for family togetherness inside. Listed below are some ideas for family time:

• Children like to be read to and read to adults or older siblings
• Teach a child how to play a favorite game and play with them
• Sing songs together
• Act silly
• Make play doh together
• Look at old family photographs
• Begin a daily journal and add to it each evening
• Make cookies and deliver to someone in the neighborhood
• Have a pajama party and pop corn
• Have a picnic and eat on the floor
• Choose a book and read one chapter each night
• Sit and talk

These are some of the things your child will remember from his/her childhood. As adults we sometimes forget to take time to relax and play.