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Welcome to Hester’s Creative Schools! We hope you will explore the information presented here and call and visit our schools! and their families. We invite children to explore, to wonder, to create, to take part, to see, to learn, to find out how and why, and to ask questions about our world and community in a safe, nurturing environment steeped with values.

At Hester's Creative Schools our mission is to stimulate the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth of children through the use of developmentally appropriate activities. We promote a strong sense of self and recognition of each one’s place in the broader community. We welcome children and families of all cultures and backgrounds to join our program.

Our goals:

  • Mental Growth — We provide programs for the individual child to gather information, to learn facts and to develop ideas.
  • Physical Growth — We provide each child with a well-balanced day of activity, proper diet, and rest that is necessary for development of muscular skills and good health habits.
  • Emotional Growth – We provide children with experiences that help them achieve success with developing self-awareness and expression of their emotions.
  • Social Growth — We provide group experiences that allow children to work and play successfully with others in a variety of social settings and provide a setting where children, parents, and staff respect and relate to one another with loving kindness.

March Events

We are very excited about this month, we have so many exciting activities planned.


March Books

We have books on the Dr. Suess, Spring, and St. Patrick's Day.

Ways to Praise Your Child

Fifty-Plus Ideas!
More than fifty phrases you can use to recognize and encourage your child.

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Hester’s Creative Schools -

1806 West Vandalia Road
Greensboro, NC 27406
Phone: 336-292-3362


Hester’s Creative Schools -

851 Lakecrest Avenue
High Point, NC 27265
Phone: 336-884-5373

                                                                         Hester's Creative Schools recognizes the value and importance of childhood as a uniquely special time in life for both children